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I have been working with a recruiting office since this summer. Had to wait until October to receive clearance for my lasik surgery. So, come October and my recruiter has left for OCS. Now assigned to a new recruiter and it is difficult to get anything done. I had back surgery for a herniated disk in 2008. No therapy afterwards, etc. and I was cleared. It is taking forever to find out if I am even eligible to test. Apparently my records are being sent between MEPS offices and one doctor has said ok, but still waiting to hear back from another. I am not sure if this is normal process-for this to take so long. Also, I can't even test yet, until the doctors say ok???? Is this right? I will be 35 in December and am running out of time here. Any advice appreciated.

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That's correct they won't let

That's correct they won't let you test before getting cleared. But couple questions: did u sign a medical form called a 2807? That's the form needed to send up to get what is called a prescreen done on you. If you didn't then nothing is being done on you. Second did you do finger prints for them?