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Hi everyone.
Im 29 from California and for the longest i have regreted not joining the Military as soon as i was 18 . To this day i wish i would have joined. So basically im on here to see if anyone could give me some advice. I just turned 29 in july .i have no criminal background except a D.U.I 7 years ago. Im Married i have 4 kids. 2 of which are from a previous relationship. Thats also something that scares me being away from my two boys because i figure my wife would probably come with me if i get stationed somewhere. But just being away from my kids scares me. Im a good Dad and i yake prode in that I see my boys Every single day .
But i also want to be somebody my kids look up to.
any suggestions will help.if i join will my family be taken care off? Would i be able to take care off them financial?

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MSG Glenn
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@ Provencio22

Contact a Recruiter. You might not be able to enlist with 4 kids & a DUI. In any event you'll need waivers. If the DUI was a felony I doubt that you'll be able to.