Stolen Valor

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A friend of mine sent me this link and asked me if the guy in uniform was really in the wrong or not. I have to admit although I am a veteran of Desert Shield/Storm, I am a Navy Veteran and I am not familiar with Army insignias or MOS details. So, I thought I would come here and ask the experts, you the veterans of the U.S.Army. I am assuming the guy in uniform is a fraud, from the passion of the man calling him out.

Thank you for you assistance, and for your service, each and every one of you!


U.S.S. Carl Vinson CVN-70

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MSG Glenn
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@ Steve

I wasn't able to see the pic as it was "unavailable". Evidently someone took it down. If you can find another source I'll see what's going on with the guy. If you can describe the insignia & anything else you can think of I'll see if I recognize it. Or if you see it elsewhere cut & paste & email it to me or give me a new link. Let's bust him. I'm a little touchy about someone wearing insignia that I worked hard to earn.

MSG Glenn

Formerly USN - EN1(SS)(DV)(P),USS Chopper(SS 342), UDT 21 & SEAL Team 2.

Retired US Army Paratrooper.

The badges I'm authorized to wear (all EARNED by hard, hard work) in the order I was awarded them - Submarine badge (where I got my start in the Navy), Scuba badge, USN Special Operations badge (the "Budweiser"), USN/USMC Parachutist badge, Air Assault badge, Master Parachutist badge. I seldom wore them all together at the same time in the Army. Once I got my Senior Parachutist & later my Master Parachutist badge I didn't wear the USN jump wings. I didn't wear my Dolphins much in the Army, either although I was authorized to do so.