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I want to join, So If I dont have my G.E.D yet but want to join will the army help with that? Also do you HAVE to have college credits? I really want to join but have had a rough start on my life, and dont have much going for me and I really need the army.

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
Army & GED

The Army no longer offers a GED program. You have to have 15 college credits if you don't have a H.S. diploma. In that case all you need is 15 college credits if you can find a school that will let you attend without a GED. Those college credits must be from an accredited college & must be level 100 ("English 101" for instance) & leading to a degree.

Beware of online courses & check with a Recruiter to make sure that it's an acceptable college. Many have taken enough credits & maybe even have a degree but found that it wasn't acceptable to the Army. Too many "diploma mills" around.