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Hey all,
I really just had a quick question about what that standard issue boots are at basic? I am currently DEP'd in as a 68W, however I am looking to change my MOS to the 18X. In doing so, I want to start Ruck Marching and getting a pair of boots broken in. I know there are 1000 pairs of boots out there, but I know that standard issue would be allowed at SFAS if I had the chance of going. Thanks!

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MSG Glenn
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RE: Standard Issue Boots

Those should suffice for almost anything in the Army. You can't go wrong with them in a school/instructional situation or in a unit. Are there better boots available? Yes. But some of them aren't allowed in certain units. If you get an 18X contract & get into a SF team you'll probably be able to wear about anything. In a garrison or SFAS situation you'll probably have to wear completely & totally regulation boots.

Besides rucking long distances with a great weight on your back learn land nav inside & out, in any weather a day or night. Most that come to SFAS directly from civilian life fail that portion of assessment held very early in the program. Check for a good orienteering club in your area. You won't get enough of that at BCT/OSUT. The SF Pre-SFAS course you'll attend might give you a lot of it. I suggest that you look for a SF site & ask questions (or better yet - use the search button first. They'll tear you a new butthole if you don't).

Good luck in getting your contract rewritten. If you can't get that I suggest trying to get a 68W Option 40 Ranger contract. That can open some doors to Special Forces in the future. If that fails try for an Option 4 Airborne contract. Sometimes SF & Ranger liaison will come to the various OSUTs/AITs & Airborne School looking for volunteers to fill their class. Don't count on it but it could happen. Make sure you're at the top of your class with a near perfect APFT & a recommendation from your Drill Sgt or Instructor or SGT Airborne.