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I've been getting a lot of questions about becoming an Army Sniper on other sites & in person. First off Sniper is NOT an enlistment option. You have to be in the Army to be selected for the school & there has to be a reason to send you. If your unit has enough Snipers you might have to wait until there's a need for one more.

These are the requirements to attend US Army Sniper School -


•Must be 11B, 19D, or CMF 18.

•PFC-SFC (Grade waiverable).

•Active duty, or Reserve, or National Guard, must have a good performance record with no history of alcohol, or drug abuse, must be a volunteer and be recommended by his commander.

•Must be in excellent physical condition (70 percent or better in each event of the APFT).

•Must have a corrected vision of 20/20.

•Must not have a record of disciplinary action.

•Must be knowledgeable of skill level 2 tasks.

•Must have a GT score of 100.

•Must have qualified expert with the M16A2/M4 Carbine rifle within six months of course attendance.

•Normal color vision must be annotated on SF 88, tested within six months of course attendance.

•Must have a minimum of one (1) year retainability.

•Must pass psychological evaluation (MMPI/CPI) conducted under the direction of a qualified psychologist.
Upon reporting to the U.S. Army Sniper School, Students are required to have the following:

1. Gillie suit complete.

2. 5 copies of all orders and amendments (NG/USAR 10 Copies)

3. Valid ID card and sets of metal ID tags with chain

4. Unit issued meal card (non-waiverable)

5. DA FORM 2-1 6. DA FORM 2A

7. Medical Records

8. Commanders Recommendation

9. DA form 3822-A

10. SF88

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