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hi im a 25 years old single mother and i always being interested in joining the army but different circunstances i didnt join in before i had my baby. i was wondering if is any way for me to join the army even like reserve with out giving up my rights over my son???? ifr somebody can help me i will apreciated.

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
Joining as a Single Parent

As long as you have arrangements to have your son taken care of while you're on active duty it shouldn't be a problem.

Check out the Active Duty Army, the Army Reserve & the Army National Guard & make your decision. Since you seem to not have a problem with child care you should look into the Army's 2 year enlistment option. The 2 years actually start after your training is completed but you'll have more benefits when you get out.

Contact a Recruiter for the present recruitment policies. The National Guard uses their own Recruiters so if you're thinking of that you'll have to see 2 Recruiters. Each has it's own set of benefits & good points/bad points.

alsimons (not verified)
Single Mother

I was wanting to join the military and I was trying to cover all my bases with other branches seeing how im a single mother. I talked to the Air force recruiter online and was told they don't take single mothers and i just read that the army does. Im just confused as to why one branch would and the other wont? But another concern I have is the father of my child and I aren't married but we are together. So how would that work with me being in the military and him being a civilian? What would be some disadvantages of us not being married? If you have any answers to my questions that would be most helpful. Thank you

Grunt Medic TXARNG (not verified)
Each branch makes its own

Each branch makes its own policies. The recruiters for the different branches can explain their policies to you. Go see them.

Good luck!

MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
Each branch has their own set

Each branch has their own set of standards & the needs of that branch trumps everything. If the Air Force is filled with people & are trying to get rid of some & the Army has a great need for Soldiers they will each have a different enlistment standard.