Separation Anxiety Army or National Guard

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Back when I was 12 I was diagnosed with separation anxiety because of my terminally ill father who died before I turned 13, Both my father and Grandfather have served in the army. I would like to continue the tradition but know this will most likely come up so if not the army then I was thinking the National Guard maybe easier to get into with this on my record. Any opinion will the National Guard be easier to get into?

Few notes:

I am 26 now and I have never been on medication of any kind for physical or mental problems, so any opinions of which one would be the easiest to get into with this on my record, if the Army recruiter turns me down can I still go to the National Guard recruiter.

My main goal here is to become a firefighter and I figured that military service would help with that.

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I don't see Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD) specifically mentioned on the Psychiatric disorders category, but it does mention things like mood disorders or adjustment disorders.

I don't know how hard it will be to get a waiver for SAD, but I imagine it will be easier than getting a waiver for a criminal offense or a more serious medical or psychological problem. Definitely mention it to your recruiter - he will know what challenges you're in for in getting enlisted.

However, I don't think the NG will be any easier to get into than the regular Army - they both have the same standards. The only hope of getting into the NG easier is if they are way under their recruiting quota.

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As far as my understanding it

As far as my understanding it would fall under the category of emotional disturbed.

As the line on the paper where the diagnoses reads "Emotional Disturbed (Separation Anxiety)".