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I have had some credit problems in the past and had a truck repossed i am trying to get a job now but was told my credit problems could be a problem getting a security clearance so wat are the standards for credit??

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
RE: Security clearance

I really can't say what the limit of debt is for a Secret or Top Secret clearance is but to be able to enlist in the Army I've heard that the tops is $10,000. I think it also depends on how & when you make payments & if your debt was on a home & your payments are up to date then it shouldn't be a problem to join. Debt & repossession can definitely be a problem for a high clearance. It shows a lack of judgement & those who have high debt can be bribed into giving away secret info.

Who told you that it might be a problem? If it was a Recruiter, an officer on active duty or someone that actually handles clearances I'd put some stock in it.

Unless your job requires a Secret or above right from the start then I wouldn't worry about it. Most MOSs don't require those clearances until you reach the NCO ranks.