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I am considering joining the Army Reserves and was curious about Military Police. I am currently a teacher, coach and an athletic director. I have both my bachelors and masters degree as well. I noticed on the site there is an MOS for MP and MPO, and was curious as to the difference between the two. I was also curious as to what the chances of a reserve getting this MOS are right now with potential cuts to the military. I had really wanted to go infantry or scout but when I talked to the recruiter over the phone he said that right now there was no way a reserve would get that assignment. Military Police would be specifically interesting to me because if it weren't for teaching and coaching, my alternative career pursuit would have been law enforcement. Thanks in advance for any help.

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MSG Glenn
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@ Dsburk0203

To get any MOS in the Reserve or Guard there has to be a slot available. If your local Reserve unit doesn't have slots for MPs then you can't get it. That's a major difference between the Reserve Components & the Active Army. In the Active Army they can place you in a unit that has the MOS you hold. The Reserves are limited to placing MOSs to only those on their Table of Organisation. Then you have a potential problem that the Reserve or Guard units have MPs but all the slots are full. That's going to take some research by a Reserve & Guard unit.

If your local Reserve unit has no MPs then try an Army National Guard unit in your area. The Guard uses separate Recruiters than the Reserve & Active Army. The Reserve units in my area have no MPs but the Guard unit does. If you want to go Infantry try the Guard. Most Guard units are Combat Arms as opposed to the Reserve which is mostly Service or Service & support. My local Reserve unit definitely has Infantry, mostly as Instructors. My son is one of them. He serve in the Active Army as a Ranger with an MOS of Infantry & stayed on in the Reserves as an Instructor - still Infantry. He initially tried the National Guard which had Infantry but all the slots were filled.