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I am a disabled veteran and have been out of the military for six years. Can I come back in the military if I wave my va compensation.I can't get adjusted to the civilian life and am struggling. What would my options be?

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010

It all depends on what your disability is for. If a medical waiver is required I doubt very much that you'll get one. Waivers are very few & far between these days. There are long lines at Recruiting offices due to the economy & bleak job situation so the Army can afford to be very selective in who they allow to enlist. Also Prior Service people are a very low priority at this time with only a few MOSs available to them. As I've heard it you can't have left the military as an E-4 or above & enlist as PS.

Time to contact a Recruiter but I'm afraid you just might have too many issues.