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I am a 27 almost 28 year old female. After I graduated highschool I wanted to join the Army but my dad was Ill at the time and he did not want me to go. Well I have always regretted not enlisting. At this time in my life I have explored other options for me, but they haven't worked. I own a home by myself, and have 5 animals(I know crazy) and thats the only thing holding me back now. To get to my questions: If I WOULD enlist now would my bills and animal care be covered while I am gone? Is it silly for me to join at my age? I am slightly overweight but extremely motivated when I need to be, would my weight hold me back? I DO have asthma but very mildly, someone told me that would ruin my chances...Is this true?

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RE: regrets.

Yes, asthma is a dis-qualifier in most cases. You are O.K. on age and you could lose weight to pass the ht/wt requirement, but with asthma, you would have a hard time passing the periodic physical fitness tests.

As far as your animals and bills "covered while you are gone", no. The military does not pay your bills or take care of your animals. Both of these are your responsibility before your enlist.

Also realize at some point you will most likely deploy for up to a year.