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I have been out of the Army since 2004 and am considering reenlisting. Will I have to complete BCT and the ASVAB again? Do I have to go back in under my old MOS (31P) or can select another one?

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
Reenlistment as Prior Service

At this time it's hard for PS people to enlist although it's possible. As I read it PS that attained the grade of E-4 are being rejected. You won't have much choice of MOSs & unless 31P is on the list for PS enlistments you'll go in with whatever the needs of the Army is at that time but you'll be given a choice of those MOSs that are availaible to you.

The ASVAB is good for 2 years so if you've gone beyond that time frame you'll be retested. You won't have to take BCT over again but you'll go to Warrior Transition Course, WTC, which is like a basic training for PS. You'll be learning the new combat techniques that have been developed since you last served. It's more layed back than the BCT for new enlistees.

You'll still be required to have a clear police record, H.S. diploma or 15 level 100 college credits & a clear medical record.

This is probably the best time to see a Recruiter as this is their slow time, around Christmas. You might not be rejected out of hand because Recruiters will have more of an opportunity to work with you & there might be more MOS choices for you. It picks somewhat with the January class from H.S. & college graduates. If I were you I'd go this week, early, like tomorrow, Monday. At least give a Recruiting station a call.

Good luck & come on back here after you've seen a Recruiter & tell us what he's said. This is the way that many of us who are out of the loop can tell what the latest trends are so we can pass that info to others.

ArmyTough (not verified)
Re-Enlistment Question

My brother and i were raised military. Our dad is a retired 1st Sgt so it only made since that we join. well my brother was accused of stealing a fellow soldiers credit card and he never did it but the products were in his barracks room and he was in th pictures at the time of the purchase. well my brother waived his rights to court so he could have a general discharge. and he served 3 weeks in jail. well when bringing him back from jail they were taking his roommate under arrest for being the one who actually did the stealing. but the army had already printed up the DD 214 slip for a Other than Honorable disharge for serious misconduct and a re-enlistment code of 4. before i join this year i just wanted to know if there was any way my brother could get back in the army because thats all we know how to do. and seeing as he never stole anything before and after this incident i shouldnt see why the army cant grant a second chance of some sort. Does anyone know if he can be helped.?