re-entering active service as an officer

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I have 10 years as an officer and 3 before that as an enlisted soldier, I left the service in AUG 2002 as an O3(P) and am now trying to find someone that can tell me...
- if it is possible to come back into the army as an officer?
- is there a waiver for age based on time already served?
- a contact name and email that I can get in touch with to discuss this with?

is there anyone out there that can assist me?

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
@ mdkohler

About the only advice I can give, Sir, is a lot depends on how much the Army needs Officers & at which rank & branch.

I can suggest that you call a Branch Manager because I doubt if a Recruiter can help. You might want to try contacting one anyhow.

Do you still carry your commission or did you resign it? Some years back when I was still in the Army one of my Officers got out, resigned his commission & after a period of time decided to come back in. He was only allowed to come back as an enlisted Soldier. Since then I'm sure policy has changed drastically.

When you find any info I'd appreciate it if you would come back here & let everyone know.

Good luck, Sir.