RE-Enlistment questions !!Please Help!!

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Hello, so i am having a hard time finding information on my particular situation and i was hoping someone could help me out. So i was in the Marine Corps for 3 months, didn't become a Marine unfortunately i received a med discharge from boot with a (re-3p) re-enlistment code, I've looked up the code and understand that i need a medical waiver to rejoin any branch, however does the fact that i am considered an (initial entry prior service) , limit my job opportunities if i was to switch branches to the army thanks-

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MSG Glenn
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The first thing you should do is contact a Recruiter. He can tell you right away if you're eligible to enlist with a RE-3P at this time. If he says that you can enlist then he'll be able to tell you what documentation you'll need. Probably just an OK from your doc after an examination & any tests. A Recruiter can also tell you if your MOS choices are limited. I can only give you a semi-educated guess because Army policy changes more often than some people change socks, LOL. A lot depends on how many recruits the Army needs & since they're in the process of upsizing I can only think that your chances are better now than a year ago. With summer ending & schools in session your chances are even better. Recruiters are probably still working on their summer recruits but that should be cleared up by around Thanksgiving & they'll start working on the new ones soon if not already. The time between Thanksgiving & early into the new year has always been traditionally the slowest time for recruiting

If you run into any problems whatsoever wait until that time period & give it a try.

I'd appreciate it greatly if you came back here with any information you get from a Recruiter. Anything at all will possibly help someone else. I used to have some really good sources at Army Recruiting locally who were more than glad to answer questions I had but they've been reassigned back into the Big Army.

What sort of MOSs are you trying for?

Good luck! I'm glad you're interested in coming into the Army.