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I've currently been doing a lot of research on cavalry scouts, I'm pretty sure that it's going to be the MOS I'm going to shoot for, but I was curious about a couple of things about the enlistment. First, I wanted to know if anyone knew if there is a long delayed entry period between signing and leaving, second, I had read the there is a three year enlistment for 19D, is there truth to this? As far as I knew the shortest active duty term was 4 years.

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I think MSG Glenn has

I think MSG Glenn has mentioned that recently it's been about a 4-6 month wait from signing to shipping, but the exact length of time depends on many variables. Sometimes slots will open up earlier if other people can't commit for whatever reason. I don't know much about the 19D MOS specifically, that is probably a question best handled by your recruiter.

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RE: 19D

Yes, there is a 3 year enlistment for Cav Scouts the last I heard. There even might be a 2 year enlistment. The 2 years starts after your 19D OSUT & after Airborne School if you have a 19D Option 4 contract. Your GI Bill benefits after you get out are less than those with 4 year enlistments.

If for some reason or another 19D isn't available then go for 11X. There are a lot of similarities between the two.

If you think you'll ever try for selection to the 75th Ranger Regiment then don't choose 19D. There are none in the 75th. That won't prevent you from going to Ranger School, though. All male Soldiers can go to RS with a priority on Combat Arms but that won't get you in the 75th, just a Ranger Tab on your left shoulder.

Cav Scouts are eligible to go to Sniper School along with Infantry & Special Forces Soldiers. Those are the only MOSs that can go.

I can list a few benefits for choosing Infantry over Cav Scout. Infantry School graduates are authorized to wear the Blue Cord over their right shoulder & blue backing under the brass they wear on their dress uniform. Infantry Soldiers are eligible to wear the Combat Infantry Badge after serving in combat, the only MOS other than SF that are authorized. There might be a slight edge for Infantry in getting to Ranger School, Airborne School & Sniper School. You'll probably see more action.

Other than that the MOSs can have similar missions especially with Infantry Scouts, a special skills duty identifier for 11Bs.

There was a time in Iraq, which used little Armor or Cavalry, where 19Ds were utilized as gate guards but I've heard that they do more in their MOS in Afghanistan. Many found themselves reclassifying to Infantry out of shear boredom & the lack of direct action.

Both are good MOSs. In my opinion the edge goes to Infantry & not only because that's what I was. I was Airborne & that is a bit different than being non-Airborne Infantry.

At this time it takes about 4-6 moths to ship after signing your contract, sometimes as long as 8 months. This is variable however& depending on how full BCT/AIT/OSUT is & the needs of the Army it could change.