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I have tried talking to recruiters but they will not talk to me until I am off of probation. To lay it out I have gotten a burglary charge about a year and a half ago and i get off probation in about 1-1/2 months and want to enlist, but they will not talk to me until I am released from probation. just want to know if i do still have a chance of getting into the army.


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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
@ Drewerd

Like the Recruiter told you - you'll have to wait until you're off of parole & a Recruiter will talk to you to find if you can enlist. I don't think you'll be allowed to enlist but I'm not a Recruiter & that's for him to tell you. Policy can change in 1 1/2 months. If your charge was a felony then you don't have a chance at all. Again - wait until a Recruiter will talk to you to be sure but I'm sorry it doesn't look too good for you.