Question about a failed drug test at MEPS

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Ok so here is the story, about 2 months ago i was set on becoming a Marine. I had worked out hard for nearly 3 months and finally talked to a recruiter, after all the paperwork and the countless hours at MEPS, i swore in and was ecstatic that i was finally gonna be part of the military. Several days later my recruiter calls me saying i failed the drug test for MARIJUANA when i dont even smoke. i tried all i could do but got permanently DQ'd from the marines. idc if people do not believe what happened because i know i do not smoke.
Anyways, i am still very interested in joining the military and figured the army was the place to go besides the AF or Navy.
My question: because of the failed test at Meps am i able to enlist in the army and go for the 94K MOS or any other similar ones?
I plan on going to college for 2 years so that i can enlist and start at around an e-3 or so with this job.

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MSG Glenn
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@ Shawnadame

MEPS handles recruits for all of the Armed Forces & they keep records. Unless the various branches have different recruiting standards & policies you're DQed for all of them.

MEPS drug screening is very sensitive & as far as I know it's accurate. Is it possible that shortly before you went to MEPS you were with people who were smoking marijuana? Maybe you ate some in food without knowing it. The only thing MEPS knows is that marijuana was detected in you. How it got there is totally immaterial to them.

I suggest that you contact an Army Recruiter explaining your situation with him. At this time from everything I've heard once disqualified because of detection of drugs in your system it's a permanent disqualification. Even a retest that comes out negative for drugs won't do you any good because they'll feel that enough time has passed to rid your body of the drug & you failed the initial screening.

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I believe you. My son is 19

I believe you. My son is 19 and he has been working with a recruiter to go to the army. When he first took the test they say it took to long for the test line to appear, and asked if he used marijauna, being that was the line that was taking the longest, like yourself, he had friends that smoked but says he never actively engaged. So to be sure he was to go back in two weeks, in which he tested negative. The following day he went to Jackson to do his physical and drug test. The day before he went to MEPS the recruiter tested him and it was positive, so they brought him back home. He was very distraught over the situation. It would be 45 days before he go back to try it again, in which time he would test weekly. Every week he tested negative. The week before he was to go to MEPS, the same thing happen with the line for THC wasn't developing fst enough. The recruiter told him to drink plenty of water in which he did. I had supervised his coming and goings. He never once left the house and none of the bad friends came over. I think it is a conspiracy. I am not pleased at the results and my possibly my childs future.

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Drug testing

2 things:

1) Their is not a conspiracy against your son or anyone else regarding drug testing. The recruiter is preventing your son from going to MEPS after testing positive for his own good! If you test positive for drugs at MEPS - that's it, career in the military (all branches) gone.

2) Some OTC drug tests can have false positives. Some think that OTC pills (things like ibuprofin (Advil), cold medicines, other pain relievers) can cause false positives. Apparently there are foods that contain hemp, that can also contribute to false positives. There's a lot of information on this on the internet, but a lot of it seems to be conjecture or wishful thinking.

I would advise your son to stay off all OTC medication, read ingredient labels for all the foods and drinks, and see if that makes a difference. The false positive rate for most OTC drug tests is around 5%-10%.

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Poppy seeds from bagels have

Poppy seeds from bagels have been known to cause urine to test positive for morphine and other opiates. There was a case in the 1990s where a St. Louis police officer was suspended after he ate 4 poppy bagels the day before his test and the results came up positive. They were able to trace it to the seeds and reinstated him.

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Poppy seeds are a dumb excuse if you test positive

Poppy seeds are so well known for giving false positives that drug testing facilities explicitly state not to eat anything with the seeds in them for a day or two before testing. At MEPS, you won't have any poppy seed muffins or bagels offered to eat, so any attempt to blame poppy seeds will be seen as an attempt to cover up drug use.

MSG Glenn
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Drug tests from Recruiters

I've heard of several cases where a Recruiter administered a drug test the day before a prospective recruit was to go to MEPS. He showed negative but the MEPS test proved that wrong. He was DQed. If that happened I would guess the opposite could happen as well. A negative test that was administered by an unqualified Recruiter using a cheap test could be misleading as well as a positive result being wrong. It's best not to take a chance because the Recruiter won't DQ you but MEPS surely will & it's a permanent disqualification. MEPS doesn't have the time to hear excuses.

Do as Cory suggested. Possibly even see a physician to ask him what the problem could be. I'd stay away from all OTC meds & be very careful what I eat. Something definitely is making him pop positive.