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Have they amended the rule in regards to waivers for prior service members with General Under Honorable Conditions with misconduct (minor) on their DD Form 214? I was told that they have and are allowing those people to obtain waivers, but is that for the Army Active Duty, as well as Reserves, and National Guard. It has been over 5 years and I was told only 24 months needed to past before trying to enlist again.
Also, what if someone have a 70% disability rating from sleep apnea and two knee injuries 10% each knee. Would these things hinder re-enlisting?

No Drug charges.
Only trouble since getting out was trespassing but that was dismissed and that was over 4 years ago. Also some traffic tickets but they were dismissed.

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MSG Glenn
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Your best bet would be to actually contact a Recruiter. Policy on waivers will be bound to change with the build up the Army will be facing in the near future. There will be a need for many new Soldiers soon with POTUS wanting to increase our Military strength.

Waiver policy changes more often than some people change their socks & a Recruiter would have access to those changes.

Medical waivers might be hard to get, though. There just might be too many strikes against you. You'd need to get documents from your doctors. A Recruiter would be able to tell you if you have a chance & what you'd have to do to increase those chances as well as what documents you'll need to get started.

Get with a Recruiter soon. You'll want to beat graduation time when Recruiters will be overloaded & they'll be handling the "easy" ones first.

Good luck & come back here with any updates on your status.