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I am a 34 year old prior service guy trying to re-enlist. I don't have any major medical issue the only thing that I can think of was I experienced anxiety after the last deployment and I got some sessions to talk to a counselor about it which after putting that on my packet the recruiter told me to take off since the army would immediately disqualify me from re-enlisting.

I have been communicating with a recruiter since May 31st, this was the day that I brought him all my paperwork from my previous term and everything else that he asked for. Since then I have had to visit the recruiters 3 separate times to sign/provide other forms or ID and talk to the recruiter in person about a potential issue on my goarmy information packet (See above). Even after signing a 2807-2 (Medical prescreening form) I found myself back at the recruiters to further complete my packet that was checked for completion prior.

It seems to me that the process is a lot more complex now and taking longer than it did the first time I joined up. Also it feels strange that I have to withhold information or edit information to join up being that the army values integrity as one of its tenants.

Is this the way it usually is for prior service or is it just my case.

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MSG Glenn
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I've heard in the past that there are times when Prior Service has a hard time joining. I have no idea why. Then again I've heard that even 1st time enlistments have difficulty. It's possible that your Recruiter is new to the job & you might be his 1st PS. I had absolutely no problems coming into the Army as PS Navy all those many years ago. Some few years back PS had a real hard time getting in. At that time Special Forces was the only way they could enlist. I have no idea what happened to them if they washed out & the washout rate is very high.

Just keep going through the hoops.

I don't know what prior service enlistments do for a Recruiter. When I was coming back in & the last I heard prior services were not credited to the Recruiter or the station as an enlistment. That might have changed by now. I was fortunate that at the time I wanted back in I worked next door to a Recruiting Station & all the Recruiters were my friends. They didn't care if they didn't receive any credit for enlisting me.

Good luck! Keep me updated please.