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Hello Army Forums.
I have posted in multiple forums and I am trying to get as much info as possible.
I previously served in the US Air Force for about 1 year before I got discharged with a "General under Honorable Conditions" discharge for the following narrative:
"JKN - Minor Disciplinary Infraction(s)".
My RE code given to me was RE-2B which literally stands for "General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions / OTH Discharge" No equivalent RE code exists in the other services.
Reenlistment criteria from what I have found, outlines: "Individual can not reenlist into the Air Force but may reenlist into other other branches with a waiver".

I am going to go deep into this and I am going to be fully honest even though it makes me feel very uncomfortable regardless of how harmless my actions might sound to some.

I enlisted into the USAF in 2014, went to basic, did well and then went to my tech school. During tech school I volunteered in many programs and received numerous Letters of Appreciation from high ranking NCO's and O3+'s.
Then the likely lowest point of my life happened in the month of January 2015 - the month on which I found out that my parents were divorcing w/o any prior knowledge.
I am not using that as an excuse and take full responsibility but it certainly did not help.

I committed numerous infractions in a 4 week span listed below:

-Fell asleep in class (unofficial counseling form)

-Forgot 2 homework assignments (letter of counseling)

-Locked myself out of my dormitory room - forgot keys (letter of counseling)

-Left campus during chow timeto run to the Exchange to grab some Orajel (had a toothache) but was unaware that you were restricted to campus during work hours. I was not briefed on this because they stuck me into a class which started the same day as my in-processing. I was hit with a Letter of Reprimand.

-Accidentally wrote on testing paper during an exam which they reuse for the
coming students after you. I showed integrity and reported it to the instructor
even though it was just a tiny smear that would have gone unnoticed.
I did not see the punishment coming that was given to me and in my opinion it was
overly harsh and cruel. I received a Letter of Reprimand for destruction of
Government Property
. In this case a piece of paper out of an office printer.
I understand it is the medical field and clerical errors need to be taken serious
but I showed integrity and reported it right away, showing no ill intentions.

All my infractions caused me to get dropped from class 2 weeks from tech training graduation and just days before my E1 to E3 promotion.
I was assigned detail duty with the recommendation for discharge from the school house chain of command.
My flight captain from my main chain of command recommended for me to remain in the Air Force and vouched for my trouble free and improved behavior and so did my NCO's. Her recommendation got turned away and I was discharged from the Air Force which left me extremely sad with a very empty feeling. 3 months after being dropped from class I finally got discharged, with no other disciplinary incident occurring in over that time span.

Since my discharge 3 years ago, I have continued to maintain a trouble free criminal record, a decently clean driving record (2 tickets ever) and achieved the following:

-CompTIA A+ Certified in Software and Computer Hardware
-WD Certified in Web Designing
-Hired as Software Developer for a highly reputable company
-Enrolled into Flight School as a Student Pilot

But the time has come for me to serve my country and make up for my mistakes.
Every recruiter from all branches turned me away including the National Guard, but I tried my luck and called another ARNG Recruiter and I heard the following words on the phone after explaining my situation:
"Yeah I can get you into the National Guard", stating that most of those things in the Guard would have resulted in "push-ups" and not a Administrative Separation.

Overwhelmed with Joy I headed up there and we started the process.
He explained to me how the RE-2B is an RE code were type of discharge and separation code are more important and that in my case we should be able to get it waived. I wrote a carefully handwritten statement by hand and submitted 3 recommendation letters/DD form 370's:

-1 from my current boss who has nothing but positive things to say about me
-1 from my Flight Commander, who recommended my retraining and remaining in the AF
-1 from family friend, who is a retired US Air Force Major

I also submitted all my certifications and awards that I received from the Air Force and outside of the Air Force.

After putting my packet together and submitting it, my recruiter contacted me and said "Your suitability review came back as APPROVED - When can you go to MEPS?"
Needless to say I am overfilled with joy right now that I made it this far.
Unlike other people who needed a suitability review and had to have an interview with a commisioned officer, I did not have to do that. Is that a good thing?
He said that the waiver itself still needs to be approved but that usually when a Suitability review gets approved, the waiver will too.

I am going down to MEPS this coming week for my medical as no ASVAB is needed.(scored 84 previously)
I have so many regrets from my mistakes and it makes me very upset and robbed my sleep numerous times over the years with the insane desire to enlist again as civilian life just does not cut it for me.
I speak 4 languages fluently, stayed out of trouble and continued to become a role model in society.

What do you guys think my chances are of making it all the way though?
My recruiter seems extremely optimistic and I suppose I am just looking for comforting words.

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MSG Glenn
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Since your Recruiter is optimistic I'd say it's all but a done deal. Make sure you come back & let us know the final result.

With the buildup the military is going through getting in is easier than it would have been a year ago.

Get yourself ready to be a Soldier.

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Thank you for the reply

Thank you for the reply sir.
I am just so afraid of not making it.
As a legal immigrant and big supporter of our new Commander in Chief, I am
overfilled with patriotism and the will to serve again under the leadership
of some one who cares so much about the strength and well being of the armed forces.
In a worst case scenario would I be able to reapply if my waiver gets denied now?

MSG Glenn
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You sound like you're a true patriot, sir.

I don't know about reapplying if a waiver is rejected but I'll bet your Recruiter does.

This is close to the best time of the year to enlist. It's been traditionally the slowest for Recruiting between Thanksgiving until mid-January. That's when waivers are the easiest to get.

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Thank you for the response

Thank you for the response sir!
It is my utmost wish to get back in.
Im reminded every morning, looking at my uniforms that are hanging ironed in the closet, lint free.
I will make sure to keep things updated.

MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010

I'll hold you to it. The best of luck to you!