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I am prior service with an ETS date of 23May1994. I have read a large number of posts and I understand that Recruiters are not attempting waivers for new recruits. Does this hold for prior service. I would not be looking to enter until my daughter graduates from high school next June.

Unfortunatley, I used poor judgment in making a few decisions and was discharged with a General, Under Honarable Conditions. The way things ended have haunted me for a long time. My girlfriend's son just graduated from BCT and intensified this feeling.

I am gainfully employed and in a field management position with a large company and have no criminal history. I am active in my community, officitaing baseball and football. I feel that I have matured and would offer more to the Army now, than I did back then.

What is the anticipated recruitment need and do you think it would be possible a recutiter would be interested in spending his valuable time assisting me. I understand that I would most likely need a waiver to re-enlist.

I am attending my girlfriend's son's graduation from 13M AIT, in August. Just to drive things home, his 1SG at AIT served with me, in the 82nd FA, on Ft Hood.

Thank you, in advance for your reply.

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
Unfortunately ...

... I've recently heard that as of 5 July the Army is no longer processing waivers of any kind. The Army is also really hard on Prior Service enlistments. The last I heard (early last weeek) was that PS were only being offered 18X, SF, regardless which MOS you held & you can't have been an E-5 or above when you left the service. Your discharge might be the limiting factor & DQ you right out of the box.

I strongly advise that you contact a Recruiter & fast. It seems each week brings more enlistment restrictions with the US about to pull out of A'Stan & the Army ordered to downsize. Couple that with the piss-poor economy & the Army can pick & choose as there's no shortage of recruits that lost their civilian jobs.

Please come back on here & let me know what a Recruiter tells you. The only Recruiter that I have any contact with is in TX & things might be different where you're at. If you can't get in now then try again at around Christmas time, say November to January. That period has traditionally been the slow time for Recruiters. Try to get there before the January class graduates.

I know exacttly how you feel. I felt the same way when I attended my son's Infantry OSUT graduation. Here I am - newly retired & out of harness. I wanted back in bad. It only intensified a year later when I attended his Ranger School graduation after he was in the 3rd Ranger Batt for about a year with one deployment under the belt.

Good luck!