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I am a woman interested in joining the Army. I want to be a musician in a band. I take 2 medications, but am physically fit and capable of completing basic training.

One of them is birth control, which I know is not a problem, and they will provide while I'm in training. The other is spironolactone, also known as Aldactone. It can be used for a few different things, but I use it to stop unwanted facial hair growth. I know this is not essential to have, but want to continue it while enlisted.

Will I have problems enlisting? Is there a chance I can have this medication in basic training, and if not, will Tri-Care cover it after I have completed basic training and music school?

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MSG Glenn
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These are questions that you should present to an Army Recruiter. I've heard that some meds are allowed in BCT. Which ones? I have no idea.

As an Army retiree I use TriCare. I didn't need it when I was on active duty as the Army medical system would have taken care of me had it been required.

This is a good time to contact a Recruiter. Recruiting has been traditionally slow from about Thanksgiving to the middle of January. After you talk to one please come back here & let me know what you were told. I need this info to continue helping those interested in the Army as my local Recruiter friend has been transferred. He was a wealth of information & was all to glad to help even though all but a very few prospective recruits were not in his area.

Good luck & don't forget about us!