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I'm 26 years old in March. I've debated on joining before, but didn't follow through, because there was somethings I wanted to do, before I would attempt. I still haven't due to no chances of getting work to be able to. I've decided, that maybe the only place would be in the military. There are other reasons, that I want to get into the military.

I currently at this time. I am not fluent in any second language. I have some knowledge of German. I'm currently studying Russian and can speak some, but not that much, although it is growing everyday slowly. I don't mind learning Persian/Farsi, Dari and Pashto. I'm also debating Arabic. Would there be a chance at getting a translator/linguist job, even though I don't know any of those languages fluently like German and Russian? Would Russian even be worth any points in the Army right now let alone German?

One of the problems is that I don't really have great teeth, due to my addiction of pop. 2-4 litres a day. Nowadays I don't have it anymore. I'm a chain smoker, but going to be giving it up soon. That is one of the things I worry about, if I do get in.

The major problem, that I have. I never finished high-school, because I had to help my mum out with bills and other things. So, I dropped out to help her. I put off my GED like a moron. I remember when I seen a recruiter a year, or two ago, that the Army had a programme on getting my GED, if I passed the ASVAB. Do they still have this programme? Honestly, if not, I will get it manually. Just hoping that it's still possible.

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
I answered your question...

...on armyforums.com.

To sum it up for those on this site that read this you'll need to get 15 college credits to become eligible for enlistment in the Army if you don't have a high school diploma with or without a GED.

When you get those 15 college credits you'll have to contact a Recruiter to find out what jobs are available at that time.

cadetpoppe (not verified)
Question on the GED

All due respect Master Sergeant, but when did this go into effect? I wouldn't question this and move on; except that my friend who is staying with us until he gos to MEPS this Friday just got a call from his recruiter that he passed the GED. There was a prearranged deal he made about 6 months ago that all he had to do was get his GED. Granted there was a bit of a tiff with the recruiter and a MEPs Sergeant, it was all worked out. So from what I see, it's possible, but very unlikely, and perhaps my friend got in just before they closed the GED option.

MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
There are times...

...when there are openings for those with only a GED if they pass the ASVAB with a score of 50 or higher. GED options come & go depending on the needs of the Army. If a Recruiting district has a shortage of recruits that are needed to make their recruiting mission there can be exceptions made.

Each day it gets harder to join the Army. We're out of Iraq & starting to withdraw from Afghanistan. The Army has been ordered to decrease their Brigade Combat Teams from 45 to 32 brigades. Civilian jobs are hard to get & many who wouldn't otherwise think about going to the Army are now doing so. The Army can have their pick of the litter. The standards to enlist are very restrictive & one of them requires a high school diploma in most cases. There are always exceptions. My Recruiter friend from Texas said it's been a long time since he was permitted to write a contract for a GED-only holder. Your friend might have gotten an assurance of enlistment just under the wire. I've also heard that some GED courses also qualify for college credits.

The rule of thumb that I've been following & advising others on are a high school diploma or GED & 15 level 100 college credits from an accredited school. With those credentials anyone can enlist if they qualify in all respects - good medical & police record being some of them.

jrrael (not verified)
Reenlistment after being discharged from USMC with RE-3P

I was discharged in Marine Corps Recruit Training in July of 2011 with the code of RE-3P. Since being discharged, I have wanted to give it another go. I want nothing more than to redeem myself and be given a second chance. I am talking to an Army National Guard recruiter here in Hilo, Hawaii where I am attending school but want to look into going Army active duty. I am also colorblind so I am not eligible for infantry jobs. I don't know what I can do. I was told being a combat medic was a possibility but because I need a waiver for a previous discharge, will I be able to? I was also told by a friend that I will not be able to go active duty. I really just need some guidance and assistance. I understand I made a mistake for quitting in the first place, and many don't look fondly upon that, but I just need help. I'm 19 and want to make the most of this life. Thank you for your time.

Warm regards,
Jordan Rael

email: jrrael@hawaii.edu

MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
The Army National Guard...

...and the Army Reserve have less restrictive recruiting standards because unlike the Regular Army they need people. You have a good chance of getting in.

To go active duty is difficult as a Reserve Component Soldier. The only job that will be open to you is Special Forces as you'll be treated as a prior service person. That's out for you if you need any waivers & the fact that you're color blind. You can try for an Active Guard/Reserve slot with your Guard unit. Sometimes there are openings. You'd work full time at the unit.

Keep working with your Recruiter. He'll do all he can do to get you in if possible. Let me know how it goes.

Good luck!