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I am prior service with four years of service. I'm 41. I would love to join active duty, but considering my age, I think the Army Reserves is a fabulous alternative.

However, I have a few questions:
1) If I wanted to be an officer, how many ways are there to make that happen once I'm in the Reserves?
2) If I wanted to go active once I'm in the reserves as enlisted or officer, how can I make that happen?
3) If AD isn't an option at all whatsoever, how possible is AGR as both enlisted or officer?

Thank you in advance.

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MSG Glenn
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@ whisperwhillow

I'll try to answer at least some of your questions but a Recruiter is always your best source of information because he'll have the latest policies.

You'd have to try for Warrant Officer. Commissioned Officers have age limits for each rank in most circumstances. There may also be an age limit for WOCS but I'm not certain about that.

It's not unheard of but going from Reserves to active Army is hard. I personally saw it happen once but that's the only one I was aware of so there might have been more. The one that I'm familiar with required a reduction & rank from SGT to SPC & he had to take BCT again.

AGR slots are few & far between but not impossible. I was an Active Army Counselor for a Reserve Division & I saw it happen once. Not saying that it was the only one, though. Only the one that I knew about. There is a huge competition for them.

I have some empathy for you as I left the Navy after 6 years & 14+ years later I decided to go into the Army at age 38 to serve an additional 21 years. At that time the deal was as long as you could put a total of 20 years of total service before age 60 you could join within certain age limits. In other words my Navy time was deducted from my age making me effectively 32 instead of my actual age of 38. After many arguments with my Recruiter I opted for Airborne Infantry. He said he wouldn't do it but I challenged him to a PT test & beat his 20-something year old young body by quite a bit taking the PT test for the 21 year old group, LOL.

Your next course of action should be to see a Recruiter & do it very soon. Things will get real busy real soon the closer to graduation time you get. Recruiting gets very busy at that time until about Thanksgiving. With the possibility of age being a factor don't wait too long. A number of years ago there was a guy on a different Army related site who was so close to the age limit that he went overage during the recruiting process. It had something to do with a medical record he was required to get from a procedure he had. He wasn't able to enlist. Missed it by days. He was not prior service, though.

Recruiters have been & will always be your best source of information. When you see one let me know what he tells you please & keep me updated.

Good luck!