Option 4 (Airborne) Contract with Medical Waiver?

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Has anyone known of anyone acquiring an option 4 contract with Medical waivers? I just recently passed MEPS physical with 1's across the board. I did hear over the loud speaker as I was waiting to leave that Aiborne and anyone that need to clear things up on the physical can go back in to see the MEPS doctors. I have a medical waiver each for hernia surgery (1 year ago) and knee surgery (15 years ago) Knee is in great shape and no issues what so ever.

After research, I understand I would just need to perform the valsalva maneuver and distinguish between red and green, which I already passed in my general MEPS physical eye exam.

My recruiter knows that I want Airborne and not sure why I couldn't just take the Airborne physical while I was there. Although I'm still waiting for Moral Waivers to be approved so that may be the case.

In general anyone ever known of MEPS giving an Airborne physical to someone that already has a medical waiver? I understand it probably depends on the leniency at the time of enlistment along with military permissions.

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MSG Glenn
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Waiting for waivers just might be the case. Did you have to submit a report from the doctor who treated you? Did you or your Recruiter get all the reports of your legal problem?

You probably won't take an Airborne physical until you have a contract with an Option 4. You won't even sit down with a MEPS Counselor to write your contract before your waiver is approved.

It seems every case is different & every MEPS works a little differently.

Your best source of advice is your Recruiter. He'll have the resources to get the info you need.

It'll be easier getting waivers in the near future as the Army will be rebuilding its strength.

My son wanted an Option 40 Ranger contract. He had broken his femur when he was 8 & his Recruiter told him that there was no way he'd be able to get an Airborne contract let alone a Ranger contract which automatically includes Airborne School. He was told to submit all his doctor's reports & summation. No med waiver required. He went to MEPS for his physical to go in as a Leg Cav Scout. When he told the MEPS doc that he sure would like to have been a Ranger. The MEPS doc said why can't you? He told him what his Recruiter said & Doc said he was all wrong. He even wrote a note on his physical report that he was physically fit for anything in the Army. Then came the half year wait for an Option 40 to open after cancelling the Cav Scout contract that his Recruiter talked him into. There are no Cav Scouts in the 75th Ranger Regiment. Evidently his Recruiter didn't want him to be anything that included Airborne School & Spec Ops. He was fired & the last time I saw him at the barber shop he had been reduced to SGT from SSG a short time later. We didn't talk & I'm sure he didn't recognize me. I had called the Recruiter's 1st Sgt & talked to him 1SG to 1SG to get that contract cancelled & start him on his way to an 11X Option 40. The Recruiter had other complaints from other parents who were former or retired Army on his record. Airborne is a family tradition so I was insistent. The Recruiter 1SG was very sympathetic as he was Airborne, too.

Keep me informed about what's happening. Each prospective recruit seems to have a different story especially those that need waivers.

Good luck!!


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Yea I was noticing while

Yea I was noticing while doing the MEPS physical that every situation and person is basically creating there own path on what they can get approved for. Ideally yea I want an 11X / Option 4 / Option 40 contract but was told from my recruiter that due to acknowledging admitting to marijuana use I'm disqualified from an option 40 at entry. I'm going to ask to show that statement in writing before I sign my contract. Recruiter did say that we can attempt for the option 4 though, so I'm hopefully for that.

But yea was mainly curious if anyone has at the very least heard of acquiring an option 4 airborne contract with med waiver as I've also heard that disqualifies you. Just seems like every MEPS is different and everyone's situation is different just like you said earlier.

MSG Glenn
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Not Sure About Opt 4

The last I heard that if any waiver is needed then you're automatically DQed from a Ranger contract. I heard nothing about Option 4, though. EVERYTHING depends on the needs of the Army & the needs of Airborne or Rangers. As a rule the 75th never lowers its standards. If a whole RASP class has to be failed then so be it. That might not affect recruitment for the 75th, though.

Then there's the problem that if the Rangers will have you waivers & all but you're disqualified from Airborne School that would automatically disqualify you from

I've seen DQ reasons come & go. There was a time a number of years ago when the war in Iraq was ramping up & the Army needed many new Soldiers so those with felonies were being waived for enlistment. Only a small amount to be sure & only certain felonies were being accepted.

I have heard for quite a while that any drug offense including marijuana was an automatic disqualification from entry into the 75th even if the Army gave a waiver.

Something else I learned a while back - Option 40 & I think Option 4 contracts are given to recruiting areas. Some get more than others. If a particular area runs out of them then can "borrow" from another area. Of course it's up to the area that has a surplus to loan them out.

As I was saying about my son's struggle to get his Opt 40 when he was in Infantry OSUT Ranger recruiters went there seeking volunteers. There were quite a lot & there were Airborne School recruiters there, too. Those without contracts but wanted to go to RASP or AB were all accepted. I attended my son's Infantry School graduation & asked the Rangers that were present why they needed so many volunteers. He told me MEPS Counselors weren't writing enough Opt 40 & 4 contracts & they like to have full classes. I didn't ask at the time if they were accepting those that needed waivers to get into the Army. I would guess not but that might be a very slim chance for you if you can't get it in your enlistment contract. Don't count on it, though. Figure that if you can't get it in your contract it ain't gonna happen.