No War in Syria

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I don't agree with our US Soldiers having to fight Syria.
I believe our Freedom is being abused and soldiers are being used.
US citizens are being brutalized by officers and so much more.
A woman in Philadelphia, PA supported a Rally of No War in Syria and was brutalized by police officers.
This needs to stop!
Anybody and Everybody sworn in must abide by our Constitution, Bill Of Rights, 2nd Amendment and all other rights and beliefs created by GOD and our Founding Fathers.
We do not need to fight Syria.
War in Syria would just be another Iraq War.
So I'm asking our US soldiers of all branches of our military...
Can't you do anything about this abuse of power that our country is suffering?
US citizens are being slaughtered, our military is being used and our Freedom must never be taken away, NEVER!, EVER!
I salute all US soldiers and don't like it when they are being forced to fight a war that kills innocent people.
My father served in the US Special Forces Army Unit, My girlfriends son served in the Marines, My uncle served in the Navy, My nephew is currently serving and they should never be put in a dangerous situation when it is not needed.
Please my great US Soldiers friends, Please stop this crime and abuse of power!

Forever, I salute you,

Daniel Wissert
"Proud and real US Born Citizen"

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Did you see the news about the resolutions proposed by the Senate and House:

Neither one allows the involvement of US ground forces, so only air and naval assets will be used. Most likely there will be cruise missiles and other stand-off weapons used.

I will say, though, if you disagree with what your elected representatives are proposing - call them. Speak rationally and clearly, and make sure they know who you are. Since the President is requesting Congressional authorization, talk to your Congressional representative(s).

MSG Glenn
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Colin took the words...

...right out of my mouth in his statement. This President has been lobbing Tomahawk missiles from almost the time he entered office so this is nothing new. At this time I feel that it won't do a bit of good unless it's regime change he's after & by now assad is buried so deep & on the move there'd be no hope of taking him out. . Since the threat was telegraphed far & wide I'm sure that any sane (or at least smart) leader of a rogue nation would have moved any chemical asset he has to different locations so any attack on Syria would just be a lesson in futility.

Back just after our invasion of Iraq all, of the antis were screaming "where are the weapons of mass destruction?" Now we know. Frankly any reasoning individual knew where Saddam's chem weapons were all the while. We had captured several Iraqi generals who told our people that they led convoys holding those assets to Syria.

So keep your complaint about US Troops on the ground silent until it actually happens. As an Airborne Infantryman I know for a fact that the only way to be sure your target is eliminated is with boots on the ground if the target is known. I don't believe we even have a particular target. I would not be surprised in the least if I found that we've had US Special Operators on the ground in Syria for years. I'd be more surprised if I found out that we didn't. Usually there'd be SpecOps painting specific targets with lasers & prepared to give a bomb damage report.

At this time any attack would be Naval and/or possible Air Force involvement. No Soldiers.

If Syria would counterattack our ships at sea & we'd counter counterattack then you're talking WWIII especially if Israel would be attacked. I'd expect a chemical attack for both.