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I'm a 23 year old female going through the process of enlistment. I've never been a part of the military lifestyle or even know much about it. I've looked online looking for blogs or any information about women in the army. Its been scarce. If anyone could give me any general information about it all it would be greatly appreciated.

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MSG Glenn
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It's a job...

...just like any other job except you'll be taught to do "unusual" things & you'll be given an opportunity to use those things you were taught at times. The discipline is a bit different than it is in civilian life, not necessarily harder but different. Every job I ever held, civilian or military had a chain of command with big bosses, mid-level bosses & low level bosses. You'll have certain tasks to perform depending on what your job is & you're expected to complete them. It's a bit more serious in the Army because lives, your own & others might depend on you doing it right the first time. I'm not being flip but that just about boils it all down.

Each person I've ever talked to, even those doing the same type of work that I did, seem to come away with a different perspective. A lot depends on what your MOS is, what unit you're in, the location of the unit & what the mission of that unit is. You can be assured that regardless what you're asked to do you'll be trained very well to do it either at the unit's home location or while on deployment in a combat zone.

Have you chosen an MOS yet, gone to MEPS for the ASVAB & physical exam? If not I suggest that you study well for the ASVAB. A high score will give you more opportunities. Start getting into good physical condition. It'll be easier at basic if you can pass the APFT before even entering the Army. It's always best not to leave it to the Drill Sergeant to get you there.

Good luck in your new adventure!

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I go to MEPS on Monday for my

I go to MEPS on Monday for my ASVAB. I've been studying as much as I possibly can. I've taken numerous practice tests and gotten mid 70's for scores. I've been looking into UAV operator and veterinary food technician-completely different jobs I know. I'm still unsure of what I'd really like to do, but I know as of Monday I'll have a better idea. When it comes to the APFT, I can already do a decent amount of sit ups and push ups, its just when it comes down to the running I'm not doing so well. My recruiter said he'll help me more with it all so we'll see where it goes. Thank you!

MSG Glenn
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The best of luck to you

I hope you can find an opening in one of those MOSs but be prepared to make a choice of others in case there isn't. I have no idea which MOSs are available. Has your Recruiter checked? He should be able to let you know. Of course that can change in a heartbeat.

Don't worry too much about running at this time. You should have plenty of time to get your speed/distance up. Most Recruiters, at least in my area, have an organized PT session for their Future Soldiers several times a week. Make sure you get involved as well as being involved in the FSTP online classes so you can enter the Army at a higher rank.

Good luck in taking the ASVAB.

alfredo.chinnery (not verified)
OK. Lets see. Women in the

OK. Lets see. Women in the ARMY are no different that the males except that female Soldiers can not get a COMBAT MOS, ie; Infantry, Special Forces which involve Infantry but with much more Elite/Hardcore Training. Females go to the same Basic Training and are able to aquire an MOS. The Physical Fitness test vary a some except for sit ups, females must do the same ammount of sit ups and under the same time as males according to their age. Females can get
transfered alike any other Soldier and conduct the same drills to prepare themselves for deployment when the war start. The uniform also vary of course, including the placement of the medals due to females body shape. But in general there should be much difference.

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MOs's opening for females.

For years, many young women have wanted to be in combat arms but prevented by regulations. Now,(it's about time)things are changing and we are coming up to modern standards. A shining example is the IDF..Israeli defence force, who accepts women in combat MOSs on a voluntary basis. If they can qualify and have physical stamina, they are in. Many Merkava tank drivers and some turret crews are females and they do a magnificent job. They also receive extensive hand to hand combat training.

Enlisting into the US Army is a shock to some with no military background, however after the initial basic training to learn essential combat skills, then AIT to learn thier selected job skills, most find that it is just a job which takes you all over the world.

Like anyplace else, you get to bad as well as great assignmants, but that you will find anythere. After 25 yrs active, 14 yrs guard and now dedicated to IDF, I'd still do it again.

Good luck.


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Can you tell me more about that?