New Age Requirement For Enlisting

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MSG Glenn
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As of 1 April 11 the maximum age for enlistment in the Army will be 35 years old. That's a change from the present age of 42 years old. If you're enlisting under 09L program as a translator for Dari, Farsi, and Pashtu you can still fall under the old rules & enlist up to age 42.

Those of you who are older get to a Recruiter NOW. There still might be time.

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esdotgrundy (not verified)
has the age max changed for

has the age max changed for the reserves??? I am prior service and wanted to wait until summer to get back in....i'm 36.

MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
RE: Age

A Recruiter can tell you for sure but when I entered the Army at age 38 after being out of the Navy for 14 years they subtracted the 6 years I had already served from my actual age giving me an effective age of 32, the maximum enlistment age at that time. I don't know if they still do that.

The Army Reserve components have the same requirements that the Active Duty Army has from everything I've heard.

Your best bet is to see a Recruiter very soon to know for sure. He'll tell you if it's possible to enlist at your age & as prior service.

I'd like a follow up on this, please. Too often I give advice & that's the last I hear from the original poster. I have no idea whether they got in, lost interest or were DQed.

KCaitanya (not verified)
Reenlistment at age 51


I'm a veteran of the Persian Gulf War (honorably discharged). I served 8 year contract plus 2 years in I.R.R.; I am interested in reenlisting into reserves. I am aware that age requirement will be lowered very soon. I would like a new medical M.O.S. (68W or 68D). Is there a chance I can still reenlist within the next week before the age limit changes. I have left messages with a couple of recruiters and patiently waiting response. If this is at all possible I would like to start processing in upcoming week. I would appreciate feedback in regard to my request. Thank you.

MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010

...but I kind of doubt it. The fact that you have Recruiters willing to work on it is a good sign, though. 1 April is very close & I don't think that things will move that fast. Even subtracting 10 years of service time still puts you overage. It's hard enough for prior service to get back in the way it is, even those who meet the age requirement. MOSs for them are very limited with a very short list. The last one I saw had no Medical MOSs on it.

Please come back on & let me know what happens either way.

ojwsteel (not verified)
coming back

hello my name is olen walker i was discharged from the army with a general under honorable conditions i wanted to know if i could come back in and if so what would be the requirements i still have all my paperwork i got the # 3 as my code which means i can return. i just need some good information

MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
Enlisting with RE 3

I don't think you'll be allowed to enlist. I've heard of some with RE 2 having a hard time. The Army isn't too interested in Prior Service people to begin with. Enlisting someone without an Honorable Discharge & an RE 1 is totally uncessary when they have a line of class A, no issue, no problem potential recruits busting down the door to the recruiting station.

You should see a Recruiter, though. You never can know for sure unless tou give it a try. Policies change all the time.