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Well I've been flooding this forum with questions and gracious enough most of them have been answered but I still have many more. I just took a practice ASVAB today and I should be in the roster of all the military branches so the recruitors can get a hold of me. It's a practice one because well the only one that matters in the ASVAB at MEPS so everything else is just practice but I felt I did good except for the engineering part but hey I have plenty of time to study. I have downloaded the ASVAB for dummies app and it's the same thing as the book and helped very much with the test. But anyways my question is about becoming an MP. I'm looking to go into the law enforcement area of the Military. I want to know what do I need to be an MP. I believe a driver's license and must be 18 but an MP but this is a combat MOS right? So can I do the Future Soilder/Delayed Entry program with this MOS? My plan is to enlist become an MP go future soldier program and with a couple years of experience go CID.

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MP & Future Soldier Program

You can be in the FSTP with any MOS in fact you're urged to do so.

I believe you need a drivers license AND a completely clear police record, the right line scores on the ASVAB & be 20 years old or older(?) & that's it.

Sounds like you have a plan. Although MOS 31B is not a officially a combat MOS like Infantry, Armor, Artillery, they see their fair share of combat ops & are armed just as much or more as Infantry Soldiers are.

To put the icing on the cake ask for an Option 4 Airborne contract. Get your jump wings & become an MP with the 82nd Airborne Div. or 173rd Airborne Brigade (maybe, no guarantees).

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I am leaving for MP OSUT in

I am leaving for MP OSUT in March, you have to be 18 by the time you finish the 19 weeks and 1 day OSUT, a clear police record, a drivers license and pass the security clearance interview (Too easy don't worry about it.)