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I've had this burning desire to join and serve alongside some of the greatest Americans alive since I was 19 (now 21). I DEP'd in 2015 with the Marine Corps and took my oath to protect our constitution. At this point I was 2 weeks from shipping out and starting my path to becoming a United States Marine (0311 obviously lol). Anyways, to save you from a long story my fratty douche roommate got arrested for selling dope and took the rest of us in the house down with him. The shit was in the garage which is considered "general areas" and everyone got in trouble (all 4 of us, the result was 5 felony charges and 2 mis.). The case ended with all charges being "Nol Pros'd" except for a guilty misdemeanor poss. of marijuana. This was a almost 3 years ago. I can't find anyone who knows much about the "nol pros" deposition or how it affects my enlistment. All I'll say is this, I want to serve my country and I'm not the fucking criminal this paper work suggests. All I want is a chance to prove that I am just as squared away as the next guy, most likely more so. I've got great people (Former enlisted, officers, westpoint grad) who will vouche for my character. I have never been unemployed and I am about to be a junior at university. All I'm asking for is a chance. If anyone has anything for me (advice, options, ideas, knowledge, or just wise words) I sure would appreciate you.

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MSG Glenn
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You're coming to the time when Recruiting will traditionally be at its slowest - from about Thanksgiving to mid January. That's when waivers are usually easier to get. That will work in your favor. Then when you realize that POTUS has ordered our military to add troops it would seem that also works in your favor.

I suggest that you contact a Recruiter right away. He'll have access to the latest recruiting policies which change with the need for more Soldiers. Recruiting offices should have cleared all of the June graduates by now so Recruiters will have more time to work with you & not dismiss you immediately (unless policy dictates that he has to).

Do us a great favor & let us know what he tells you. There could be dozens that are reading these posts & might be too timid to post. We get much of our info from people like you. If he tell you that you have a chance to enlist we'll start to offer suggestions as to what contracts to try for.

Good luck to you! You have military in your blood & you should carry on the family tradition like I did & my son after me.

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Moral Waivers

Hi all Adam here, I am 29 years old and nearing the enlistment age and was wondering if they'll accept waivers for a few misdemeanor marijuana charges with the last one dating back to 2010 - If so what will I need to do?

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Like MSG Glenn said above, the first step is to see a recruiter. This is the best time of year to do it, so you'll have to present your information to the recruiter and he'll let you know what your next step should be.

Good luck, and let us know what you find out!

MSG Glenn
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Get with a Recruiter, be totally honest & he'll tell you right away if you're eligible & what your chance is of having a waiver approved.

After you talk to him & you're accepted for the rest of the enlistment process come on back & we'll discuss MOSs & what contracts to look for. You might be limited on choices with a waiver & availability of MOSs, though.

Good luck!