Moral and Medical Waivers

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Hello. I am 18, straight out of high school and looking to join the military in a job that would need a Top Security Clearance.
I have spoken to both the Air Force Reserves and the Army Reserves in regards to recruitment.
When I was 15 years old, I was arrested for Battery/Assault/Criminal Damage < $1000. However, no charges were filed nor was anything else filed. I was detained for 2 hours, spoke to a counselor, and then got to go home with no follow-up.
I have disclosed this to both of the recruiters; however, the AF is telling me I need a moral waiver. The Army advises I do not need a waiver, and that if I decide to attempt to use a waiver, it will screw me over because all branches can see if I get denied.
I set up a meeting to meet with my AF recruiter next week.
Does anyone have any information about why I would need a moral waiver for one branch and not the other?

Additionally, I have quite the medical history in regards to surgeries. I have been cleared by all my doctors since 2016 though. The Air Force is once again advising I need a medical waiver for this as well. But the Army says I do not. Any suggestions on this?

Thanks in advance!

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MSG Glenn
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Each branch of the Military has its own recruiting policies. Those rules can change due to shortages of people. When troops are needed it's easier to get in. The USAF seldom has problems recruiting new Airmen so they can have tighter recruiting restrictions.

It's true that all branches can see the MEPS results. You'll have to decide what you should do. This time of year, from about Thanksgiving until about mid-January is traditionally the slowest period for Army Recruiting. That makes it easier to enlist with any "problems" & waivers are normally easier to be accepted. I can't think it's any different with the other branches.

Good luck! Let us know what happens.