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okay so ihav been looking up info about military police mos and im very interested, but am a little confused about the OSUT part? after 19 weeks of training you graduate basic and become a soldier? Also when will the pay begin after the 19 weeks? Can you enter this mos as an E2? would like to know more about this position as i am seriously considering joining...

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
Dianna - RE: MP

OSUT, One station Unit Training, is BCT combined with AIT into one course. Basic training is at the same place with the same people, the same Drill SGTs as training for your MOS. The length of basic is added to the length of your MOS school, 19 weeks total for MOS 31B, MP.

Your pay begins the first day you're on active duty. Expect to get paid between 2 weeks & a month depending on when the pay period ends & what day in the pay cycle you left for BCT. It'll be direct - deposited into your bank account. Your Recruiter will help you set that up. I suggest getting an account with an ATM card. ATM machines are plentiful on & around military installations so you'll always have a source of funds.

You can enter the Army as an E-2, PV2, if you complete the Future soldier Training Program & pass the APFT.

Your Recruiter will guide you through all the steps from your from the first time you see him, your trip to MEPS to take the ASVAB & your physical exam, writing your contract with a MEPS Counselor, to leaving for basic. He'll also tell you about FSTP & give you the PT test.

Expect him to give you a practice ASVAB during one of the first times you see him. Study for it. He wants to know what he has to work with & if he thinks you'll qualify for your MOS.

diannavasquez (not verified)
military police

what type of questions do i need to study for on the asvab and is there a book i can buy to help me study ? how long is your first home visit for ? I know that this mos takes a 5 year enlistment... after coming out of this mos and reentering the civilian life what percent of military police have a chance at becoming a police officer ? Also as far as deployment where would i be stationed at. any where in the world ?
thanks for your help...

MSG Glenn
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Just Google "ASVAB" & you'll find practice tests & study guides for purchase. As I recall there was a study guide, I think the Army put it out, not sure, that you could download as a PDF & print it out. I'm sure you'll find lots of info by using search engines.

Livestrong2k12 (not verified)
Military Police

Im getting back training for the asvab test, my first year taking the test i was scared and didnt passed, but which that did happen. Right now Im getting back to studying and the job I really want is MP. What do I need to score to get this job?

And my next question is after the age of 35 can i still be in the military and work after 35?

MSG Glenn
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Qualifications for MP, MOS 31B

Just to be eligible to enlist in the Army a minimum score of 31 on the ASVAB is required, 50 if you have only a GED (when the Army is Recruiting them). For MP the other requirements are -

ASVAB Score Required: 31 in overall test, 95 in aptitude area ST (Skilled Technical - a combination of General Science, Word Knowledge & Paragraph Comprehension, Mathematics Knowledge, Mechanical Comprehension. Each is a subtest on the ASVAB.)

Security Clearance: Confidential

Strength Requirement: moderately heavy

Physical Profile Requirement: 2222211

Other Requirements

•Red/green color discrimination
•Must meet all requirements for Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) qualifications
•Must possess a valid state motor vehicle operator license
•No objection to performing security duties in the vicinity of nuclear or chemical munitions stored or staged for military use.
•No record of more than 15 days lost under section 972-10- USC.
•Minimum age of 18 at time of entrance on active duty
•No record of possession or use of any narcotic or non-narcotic drug
•Most criminal offenses (including three or more minor traffic infractions) will generally be disqualifying

Long story short - study & take as many practice tests that you can. Then restudy the areas you're weakest in.

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Soon to enlist looking at doing military poilice

I am 16 years old and i plan on enlist in october when i turn 17 i am looking at being military police will i be 18 by the time i go active duty to do so? alos i have second degree heart block but my doctor says its normal for athletes will it stop me from joining?

MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010

You must be 18 to enlist in MOS 31B.

Once you turn 17 you can start talkng to a Recruiter. I haven't the foggiest idea whether your heart will be a disqualifying factor. My guess is that it would so don't get your hopes too high. I could be wrong so don't quote me. Even if certain things are common it doesn't necessarily mean that the Army will take you. Asthma & diabetes are very common yet they're disqualifying.

Joined: 10/05/2010

i had talked to other military police personale and they told me that there were waivers my parents could sign stateing that if anythjing happened because of it that the army isnt held responsible bu they will do something about it. is that true?

MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
Parents Signing?

Once you turn 18 you're an adult & don't need a parent's signature. You must be 18 to enlist as an MP or at least ship to BCT & MP training. (?)

A parent signing about your medical condition regardless whether you're still a minor or you're an adult over 18 has absolutely no bearing on whether the Army will allow you to enlist. That would take documentation from your doctor & a MEPS doctor to start the waiver process if he considers it necessary after your physical exam.

Latedra (not verified)

I am highly interested in the Criminal Investigator position and I would like to know if it is possible to test into this position or is there another process that you must go through in order to obtain this position or any of the 31 series and/or criminal justice positions? I don't mind the travel outside the US but I want to be sure I am enlisting with the intent to maintain a CID or Criminal Justice related position. Also I have 116 credits in Criminal Justice and intend to complete my degree during the upcoming 2011-2012 school year, I'd like to know about the delayed entry process, as I'd like to complete my degree and work on getting my weight down but I dont want to delay initiating the enlistment process.

MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
CID... not an enlistment option. You must first start out as an MP or Corrections Specialist.

The requirements are -

- U.S. citizenship
- Minimum age of 21
- Maximum grade of E-5 SGT(Non-promotable) - (SGT(P) and SSG (not yet promotable) may apply with waiver, see below*)
- Minimum of two years of military service but no more than 12
- Minimum of one year of military police experience or two civilian police experience (a waiver of this prerequisite may be considered)
- Minimum of 60 college credit hours from an accredited institution (a waiver of up to half of this prerequisite may be considered; Active Duty Component 31B/E may request waiver to 15 semester hours)
- Minimum ST score of 107 or higher, ST score of 110 or higher if tested prior to January 2, 2002
- Pass the Adult Basic Education (TABE) test (level A w/Spelling) with a total battery grade level of 12.9 (applicants holding an associate or higher degree and applicants from the - Reserve Component are exempt from this requirement)
- Meet the height and weight standards prescribed in AR 600-9 and pass an Army Physical Fitness Test) within the last six months
- Physical profile 222221 or better
- Normal color vision (this may be waived if applicant can distinguish between green, red and amber)
- Must possess a valid driver’s license
- Ability to speak and write clearly
- Ability to deploy worldwide
- 36 months of service obligation upon completion of the CID Special Agent Course
- Suitable character established by a Single Scope Background Investigation leading to a Top Secret clearance
- No record of having less than an honorable discharge
- No record of Lost Time
- No civil court or court martial convictions
- No record of mental or emotional disorders
- No record of unsatisfactory credit

Every Recruit who enlists is in Delayed Entry, now called Future Soldier Training Program, FSTP. At this time it takes about 4-8 months to ship after signing your contract. You have up to a year that you can be a Future Soldier so you can enlist a year before you receive your degree. You won't be forced to ship until you finish your education & your contract will reflect that.

With a Bachelors Degree you'll enter the Army as a SPC, E-4. You can also apply for OCS to get a commission but you won't necessarily be able to choose your job. As an enlisted Soldier your MOS training is guaranteed. CID also has a Warrant Officer program.

My recommendation -

See a Recruiter when you're getting close to a year before graduation or even sooner to get things started.
Meanwhile get into good physical shape to include meeting the height/weight requirement. Be able to pass the Army's PT test before shipping.
Study for the ASVAB. Even those with college degrees have scored low.
Finish your education. Although a degree is not a requirement you can enter the Army with a higher rank. If your education funds run out you can still enlist & you'll have the opportunity to complete your degree while on active duty or you can wait until you leave the service or a combination of both. Either way your education will be paid for in whole or part.

It's a good thing that you don't mind getting sent overseas. While in the Army you WILL go overeas & you WILL deploy. The chances of that not happening are nil.

When you enlist training in your chosen MOS is guaranteed in your contract. If MOS 31B/31E for example is not available at the time you enlist you can wait until it is. You will not be forced to choose a different MOS, only if you want to.