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So, my husband is active duty and at this time he does not want to re-enlist in four years when his contract is up. I on the other hand would love to join. I am already a registered nurse with an associate's degree and five classes from now I will have my bachelors. Unfortunately, in 2014 I was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma. A benign, slow growing brain tumor which causes me little to no symptoms at all and has had almost no growth in three years. My neuro specialist wants to "watch and wait" and observe its growth believing that there is a chance that I may never have to remove it. However, I know that this automatically disqualifies me from service. What if I had an ENT show that my hearing is better than normal? What if my neuro specialist confirmed through multiple MRIs over the last few years that the growth rate is minimal and that I would be fit to serve...would it make a difference? What if I had it removed and had no issues after that...and had doctors clear me then could I serve? I am interested in the health professions scholarship program and seeking to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Are there nursing jobs in demand in the army that would make them willing to give me a waiver? Thanks for reading.

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MSG Glenn
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You should probably contact a Recruiter. My opinion (for what it's worth) is that you'd more than likely be disqualified. The Army as well as the other branches really have a problem with recruiting someone that may require long medical care which might even be necessary after receiving a medical discharge at the Army's or VA's expense. I'm not sure that attempting to get in with a critical skill would make much of a difference. I have never really gotten wise to the Army's waiver system. Advice I give one week concerning that could be altogether different the next week.

If you have it removed I'm sure you'd have to wait up to a year to make sure the procedure is 100% successful.

Bear in mind that going into the Army as an RN means you'd be going in with a commission & that's even a more stringent selection process than going in as an enlisted Soldier. A Recruiter might even forward you to an Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Recruiter. They're the ones that handle Medical personnel acquisition.

My advice: Contact a Recruiter. Run this by him. Ask him what your chances would be after removal. Ask him if you get documentation from your doc that you're good to go what would your chances be that a MEPS doctor would pass you as being physically fit for Military service.

God Luck! Let me know what a Recruiter tells you.