Medical Waiver chances?

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So I went to MEPS scored good on my asvab (83) and wanted to go for combat engineer. All was going well as was filling out some paperwork and it asked if I had taken any prescriptions in the past 48 hours. I ( now regreting) said I had taken Naproxen a muscle de-inflammatory pill. I was prescribed this about a year ago for a neck/shoulder injury. The doctor I Had when I was getting my physical done asked me about it. He asked (mumbling severely ,estimated 75-80 years of age ) how was this medicine delivered. I said I wasn't sure how to say it but described it and told him why I took it because I thought he asked what it was. He then proceeded to tell me to pretty much shut up and answer his questions with one word answers not allowing me to explain anything. So I proceed on after he tells the CMO to take a look at me after the underwear Olympics and pretty much tells me I have to have my personal civilian doctor write me off as healthy. I then told him my shoulder is just fine and I can do pushups and everything with no pain, he then told me he doesn't need my shit and that I should not argue with him ( exact wording very unprofessional )and let me bring up this second doctor looked to be about 70-75 and had a heavy German accent and had problems putting an English sentence together.
So let me ask what are the chances of my shoulder which doesn't bother me at all keeping me of doing my dream and following in my dad's footsteps

Few key points
1- happened in bicycle accident
2- Doctor put words in my mouth, wrote down chronic shoulder pain when I told him it hurt for only two months
3- Took the pill to ease a sore neck from sleeping on it wrong
4- Doctor started talking about my joint which has nothing to do at all with my muscle, what I was prescribed the MUSCLE de-flammatory for
5- If denied how can I appeal this
6- NG liaisons there said it most waivers get approved is this true
7- If I can do 100+ pushups in 2 minutes why are they even caring about my shoulder

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Dude i completely feel for

Dude i completely feel for you. I dont know the answer to your question but i am also waiting on a waiver (going on two months now) for a condition that i didnt even know i had, but at the same time does not effect me at all. It is the stupidest thing in the world. and the wait is gonna suck, ill tell you that.