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I had a tibial plateau fracture 3 years ago which required my knee to be scoped, along with damage to the trochlear groove that required a cartilage transplant,then a ateral retinaculum (kneecap loosened), I still have some pain and weakness in the knee along with slight limp, what are the chances of passing a medical review board?

BTW, I am 46, with 15 years prior service.


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Don't get your hopes up...

I hope MSG Glenn or another recruiter will chime in, but if you aren't able to pass the PT test, it doesn't look good. I think the only thing being offered to prior service is 18X Special Forces, so you'll probably not be allowed any waivers whatsoever.

MSG Glenn
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@ SSGMike

It doesn't look good for you Mike. Sorry to be so blunt but as an NCO you know that's the only way. No use in sugar coating it.

Many physical problems that prospective recruits have had in the future can be waived but that's only after a certain period of being totally free from any lingering symptoms. Then a doctor, preferably the one who originally treated you, has to give you a clearance.

To be absolutely sure contact a Recruiter locally.

Good luck!

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I thought that would be the case.