making sure our veterans come first

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i am writing to ask that the department of veteran affairs would check into the matters of our veterans coming first and not the civilian or whoever the veteran would hold up as their favorite is might not be a veteran, i am a veteran and live in a veteran establishment and i am feeling the veterans coming after civilians and also veterans families and relatives, i am also feeling veterans coming after the who some veterans would uphold as their favorite civilian.

del rae lynn adams

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
It seems that...

...Veterans have always been treated as 2nd class citizens. If you have a problem contact your Congressman.

Joined: 04/21/2012
Veterans Come First

The Department of Veteran Affairs was set up for the Veterans, and there Mission is to be the support & help for every soldier that has done their part to Protect & Defend this Great Country. Our soldier's need direction on where to go, what to do, things they need, and how to get there for the help we need. VA should check into the matters of our veterans coming first! We have so many soldier coming home from overseas, getting out and having no where or no one to turn to for help with problems, issues, everyday help that they need to get back into the world they left, So they could serve our country. I am a veteran who served 22 yrs in the military. Transition back into the civilan life was hard with no where to turn for help. Yes they gave us information, but we needed more direction. We owe it to our soldier to help transition back into the world. Let's not forget what they have given up for us all and Our Freedom. Let's stand together and be " Above The Rest" in helping our Soldier's and Veteran"s because they where their for us all.
1Sgt Reid