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I am a former USMCR Corporal who just finished my College degree. Right now I am at a job I don't care for and I long for the organization and stability of the military lifestyle I had once experienced.However, I want to try a different branch and this time I'd like to be an officer. I am interested in not only bettering my family situation, but also leading soldiers, airmen or whatever group are affiliated with the branch I end up in (I'm quite indecisive). My question is what is the day to day routine for a new 2nd Lt./ 1st Lt.? What are the things that will weigh on their minds and what are they responsible for? What billets do they fill and what do they entail?

I fully realize that these questions may be MOS specific; I am simply looking for a somewhat general answer that will give me an idea of what to expect.


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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010

Although I'm not an officer I worked with plenty of 2/1LTs. They're normally assigned as Platoon Leaders under the guidance of their Platoon SGT, usually an E-7 & their Company Commander. They can be assigned additional duties such as Health & Welfare, weight control, etc.

A word of advice - OCS is extremely difficult to get & it can only get worse. The Army as well as the other branches is going to be severely downsized. If you decide to go the enlisted route with the hopes of applying for OCS when there are openings the only MOS you'll be offered is 18X, Special Forces. That's the only thing that prior service is being offered. You'd have to go through Infantry & Airborne Schools. Then Special Forces Assessment & Selection. If you bust out of that, and many do, you'd revert to Infantry. As an Infantryman your chances of OCS are arguably better but it's still according to the needs of the Army. Being an SFAS washout might hurt your chances, though. Failure of any kind is a black mark against you.

My suggestion? Contact a Recruiter & do it soon.

cplflemingusmc (not verified)
What will they look at?

Thank you for that insightful answer MSG Glenn. What are some the criterion considered when the selection board is going through the process of choosing whether or not a potential candidate will be selected?

MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
I'm not too sure, CPL

I know your college GPA, physical condition & civilian & military record is a big factor. You'll need recommendations from several people. There are sites that deal specifically with OCS application & can be found by googling. I've heard of forums that deal with that & many post about their successes or lack of them. You might pick up some hints on one of those sites.

Good luck!