Leave Army Reserves and Go Back to IRR?

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Husband needs answers please help!

Here's his situation:
I did active for four years total; attached to infantry for two, deployed, and got my CMB. A year out from my IRR exit date a recruiter talked with me and I joined the reserves for some extra cash. A month later I got a call from a job I had applied to months earlier and got it after an interview.

I'm already a full time college student, have a brand new job, and most importantly I'm a husband. The recruiter made it clear that I could easily get out if I changed my mind because I did not sign a new contract, it was only a 4187. I let the in-processing NCO know that I needed to get out after in-processing. He said he could push it up but that "it's not a guarantee." After a month of silence the NCO let me know that I could come in any morning on a weekday and in-process. I don't want to waste my time or any more of theirs so my questions and concerns are:

1. How do I leave quickly and respectfully?
2. How soon after in-processing can I out-process?
3. If I simply don't in-process, what happens?
4. Some forums have told people to simply skip drill and that they would out-process you. This doesn't sound like a good idea. I'd like to keep my GI Bill.

A major did call and ask for me although I was unavailable at the time. I called her back today but no one was in. I'm assuming she's an XO of some sort, probably for battalion level? Could she do anything or am I in for a retention attempt?

Thank you all in advance for your time! Cottonbalers by God!

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MSG Glenn
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I don't have a good answer for you. The only thing I can suggest is to keep trying to call that MAJ.

From what I understand there is't too much that can happen to you if you just never show up. Evidently you're still under your original enlistment contract & since you haven't in-processed yet I doubt if anything will happen to you. You're still in the USAR - the IRR - but not a drilling Reservist yet.