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My Fiancee is currently at Fort Eustis and graduates from his training class April 4th 2014. He said that his projected orders are in Korea for 6 years and we both are wondering if I will be able to go with him?

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MSG Glenn
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@ ckennedy32397

If you were married I'd say yes in most cases. There are no restrictions for private citizens of the US to travel to South Korea but you would have to cover all costs for travel, food & lodging out of your own pocket. If you got married before he left then you'd be considered a dependent & much of the cost would be payed by the government. He could start getting any info available before he graduates. Knowing the government & the Military there are probably lots of forms to fill out & documents to give them to declare you a dependent of a service member & to get you moved to S. Korea. Hopefully he'll be assigned to an area that has dependent housing.