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Husband got orders for Korea.. any advice for me as a wife transitioning to life there?

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tommy.tapp (not verified)
Try to think of it not as

Try to think of it not as moving ,but as more of a new experience or an adventure if you will ,and dont let it get you down and I send my thanks to you and your husband for your sacrifice to this great contry

MSG Glenn
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RE: Korea

I can't give you any advice about that duty - I was never there - but I know of an Army wife that was there both as a dependant & as a soldier. She liked it both times.

ajohnson82 (not verified)
First post is Korea

Does anyone know the policy on bringing dependents overseas? My husband isn't sure if wants to come with me to Korea but I want to bring my 8yr old daughter how and can this be? Any help or understanding this would be greatly appreciated. Also what if he comes but then decides to leave before my tour is up can my dauther stay.

MSG Glenn
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RE: Bringing Daughter to Korea

I don't see how that would be possible. Who would take care of her when you're at work or in the field? I'm not even sure if there are schools there. All of this will take some reaserch on your part starting atyour new command.

I have a feeling that if your husband decides to go back home the girl will have to go, too. Maybe they have some child care available & schools as well. I can't really say. Either way arrangements would have to be in place before you even start thinking about bringing her there.

ajohnson82 (not verified)
Korea first post

I know I can bring my family I just have to do 2yrs instead of 1yr. The problem is if my husband doesnt stay or come at all can my daughter stay with me or does she have to leave when he does. If I agree to bring family I'm agreeing to 2yrs but if my husband leaves before my 2yrs do I still have to complete the 2yrs.

MSG Glenn
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RE: Your daughter

I'm sure your daughter will have to leave with your husband unless arrangements can be made for child care in-country.

Check with you command on the local regulations. I can't tell you if your tour would be extended to the full length if he goes home before the 2 year tour is over. I doubt if he'll be able to find employment there. Maybe.

tbaum39 (not verified)
I served there.

I was stationed there for a year. Make sure you get your command sponsorship paperwork finished BEFORE you get to korea or else you will wait 6 months to bring him or your daughter over there. You can be Non-command sponsored where you bring them when you ship and just dont command sponsor. Thats what I did, they will not turn your spouse and daughter away. If you command sponsor and he leaves, Yes you must finish your 2 years. It sucks but thats just how they do things there. Just trust in what I say. Your orders say dont bring family. But me and about 20 other husbands brought our spouse and children when we shipped to korea. No one yelled at us. They welcomed our family and told us we can non command sponsor our spouses allowing us to stay only 1 year. Only down side to non command sponsor is you cannot have a vehicle there. But the train, and taxis are very cheap. Plus busses go everywhere. You can always bring him and decide if he likes it, then command sponsor while yall are there and do your 2 years.

Hope this helped.

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6 month mid tour leave

My son is headed to Korea for his 1st duty station assignment. Will he get leave after 6 months of his 12 month tour?

MSG Vanderhoof
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Mid-Tour Leave

Served in S. Korea twice. Mid-Tour leave is generally taken somewhere during the 5-7 month period. Airfare can be expensive and carefull planning of fly dates is important due to crossing the International Date Line to avoid returning to your duty station late.