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I am a 23 year old female, college graduate. I have thought about joining for a few years and just keep coming back to the idea. I am aware that I am eligible to join, I just wonder what would be the right route for me to look into. Also, what kind of opportunities should I be looking towards? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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It depends on what you're

It depends on what you're interested in, really. Being a college graduate means that you can become an officer - check out the list of MOSs available to officers. See if anything there sticks out to you - although some of them (such as medical personnel) will require that you are already have a license to practice. You can also check out all the MOSs on that same page, to see if there is another job you are interested in. Finally, don't be afraid to call a recruiter and talk to them - this is getting to be a slow time of year, and they are happy to work with potential recruits that have a minimum of problems.

Good luck!

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As a college graduate... have the opportunity to become an officer as Admin has told you. At this time it's hard to get into Officer Candidate School. If you were to come in as an enlisted Soldier you would come in as a SPC, E-4 with your degree. As an enlisted person you could choose whatever job you wanted within reason & if there are openings in the job that you want. If you really want a particular job & would settle for nothing else then you might have to wait for openings. You can apply for OCS at any time during your enlistment. I've heard that at this time only about 10% of OCS applicants are being selected. Give it a try anyhow. As a graduate of OCS you might not have a choice of jobs. You'll fill out a wish list for the top 5 or 6 jobs that you want & then the Order of Merit List takes effect. Those with the highest academic & PT scores usually get their first or second choice if there is a need for officers in them.

You should see a Recruiter soon. You need not wait until graduation. They'll put you in the delayed entry program as a Future Soldier & you can be in that for up to a year. If you wait until you graduate you'll have a lot of competition from all of the June grads. At this time it's taking about 4 - 6 months to ship to basic training after signing your contract so you might be able to get a jump on that. You will NOT be sent before you graduate so don't worry about signing up. You can also check with your Recruiter about the tuition forgiveness program if it's available to pay for any outstanding tuition you might have. Or you can get the New GI Bill which would pay for any additional college after you leave the Army or even while you're still in. A Recruiter will explain everything to you but see one soon.

Meanwhile study for the ASVAB & start getting in good physical shape.

Good luck!