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I have a degree in automotive technology from wyotech and i was wondering what kind of perks would come with enlistment because of it. I have talked to the recruiters in my area and even went to MEPS but they never really explained that to me. Im not really interested in pursuing the automotive field anymore and was wondering what else might be available for me. i scored a 70 on the ASVAB and was kind of interested in maybe becoming an MP or a warrant officer position if thats possible. any info would really be appreciated. thanks! Jake

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MSG Glenn
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Enlistment Options

If you want to be a Warrant Officer the only way you can get into that from an enlistment contract is to go to Warrant Officer Flight Training. All other Warrants are required to work in a technical MOS for a period of time & after becoming an NCO apply for WOCS. You'll have to determine which MOSs have Warrant Officers in them. Not all do. I'm not sure about MP. I know Infantry doesn't.

If you have a bachelors degree you'll enter the Army as a SPC E-4. An associates will get you PFC E-3.