Joining with amblyopia? Chances of a waiver?

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So I have amblyopia (lazy eye) which if you don't know, isn't exactly what one might typically associates with a lazy eye, it doesn't wander but I have really poor vision in one eye (my left.) Amblyopia is not treatable in adulthood as of right now, but can be corrected with glasses

As a child, I never took my vision therapy seriously as I felt that it never held me back from any activities. I could still read small words, see from distances, aim well, etc.. I can't afford to go to an eye doctor currently, but I will as soon as I can. Try not to laugh, but I've tried a few times to take the eye chart test myself as accurately as I could, and I do realize this isn't really accurate but it seems like my left eye is 20/200 and my right 20/30, and my glasses didn't seem to make a difference. I don't wear them often so I'm not sure if that's due at the complete inaccuracy of attempting a self eye examination, or if possibly my prescription is outdated. But based on that, is there a possibility of attaining a waiver?

Honestly, I don't have much information on my prescription and based on my personal case I understand that it may be impossible to make an inference on whether or not I have any hope of joining. I guess what I'm really asking is if any enlisted soldiers out there have amblyopia, or know of any that made it through enlistment despite their vision? Or were able to attain a waiver? Or maybe all together denied. Please tell me your experiences, and any information or tips would be greatly appreciated. Either way I'll most likely try my luck, but before I can get to an eye doctor I'm just insanely curious. Thanks for bearing with me guys..

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MSG Glenn
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Do yourself a big favor - contact a Recruiter very, very soon. Do it while he has the time to research your "problem". It won't be too long when the Recruiters will be very busy with all the high school & college grads if they aren't already. This will keep them busy all summer into fall. For all I know he might be able to give you an answer immediately. He'll have access to all of the most recent recruiting policies.

After you talk to a Recruiter please come back here & let me know what he tells you. Hopefully you'll be on your way to becoming a Soldier. This would be a good time to study for the ASVAB & start getting in shape. If the Army turns out to be a no-go it won't do you any harm but if you're accepted you'll be just that much ahead.

This is a good time to get into our Military. The President has ordered that the Armed Forces build up their strength. That should allow some who would have been rejected earlier to get in with a waiver.

Good luck & keep in touch!