Jobs for Veterans After Active Duty

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Payscale recently did a study of which jobs are the most popular and the highest paying for US military veterans. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a majority of these jobs are in IT. Here's an excerpt:

There is a strong trend across the jobs listed in the table above -- the majority of the jobs (10/15) are in technology. Therefore, it appears the military prepares its veterans well for today's technological age. We can further see this fact when we look at common skills among veterans. ...

Similar to the top jobs, the top skills are also dominated by technology skills (6/9). And, fortunately for veterans, technology is a good place to be right now. According to The PayScale Index, pay has been rising in the IT job family since the end of the recession in mid-2009. Rising pay levels signal an increase in labor demand, which means more jobs to fill.

You can read the whole study and see some lovely charts and infographics at this Ask Dr. Salary page.

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MSG Glenn
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Interesting, Cory

Even those Soldiers in Combat Arms MOSs can get free education in the IT field after they leave (or even before) active duty. In my day the most popular jobs were usually as Police Officers or high-end Security for Combat Arms Vets. We (I) didn't have all of the education benefits as the modern Soldier has. We had to go into jobs where being trained in breaking & blowing things up were transferable to civilian skills.