Is it a felony/moral waiver a possibility?

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If a charge is a felony but was kept in juvenile court where matters are civil, is this still a felony? Charge is sexual in nature, record otherwise clean, got one year informal probation and after received court paper stating petition was dismissed and record sealed.

Obviously I have to disclose but how do I state this? The question is have you ever been charged with a felony, I'm assuming is yes. However, as I stated not a felony as juvenile is civil.

I have no paperwork because we destroyed it when I got the dismissal letter. Tried to get papers from probation but they can't
find anything under my name.

The dismissal paper also called it alleged charges. Is there a possibility nothing is there? Will the recruiter even take me seriously with no paperwork? Are ALL sexual crimes an auto DQ?

I'm almost 18 and this was when I was 13, I was a curious misguided kid. Not trying to excuse it. I take full responsibility. Just looking to get some opinions and info. Also, I didn't have to register at all.


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When in doubt...

Those are tough questions that I don't have a perfect answer to, but the fallback answer is the same - when in doubt, be completely upfront and honest to your recruiter.

Lots of times recruiters can find things that other background/records checks miss or don't have access to, and if a recruiter catches you in a lie (or even just an intentional omission) that's the end of your Army (maybe even military) career.

To be honest, felony waivers are tough to get even at the best of times, and I imagine sexually-related charges are going to be more difficult still. They may take into account that you're a minor, they may not, but you need to be completely honest - don't attempt to evade the question.

If the recruiter seems hesitant (but doesn't outright laugh in your face) maybe try against around Thanksgiving/Christmas time. That's when enlistment slows down and recruiters usually have more time to work with tough waivers. This time of year you're competing with lots of squeaky-clean high school and college graduates.

Also, please let us know the outcome - whether good or bad - getting up-to-date recruiting information isn't easy!

MSG Glenn
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@ Futurearmyson

I'll reiterate what Colin said - be totally honest with the Recruiter. Contact one immediately. Soon they'll be very busy with all the graduates that will come in droves if they haven't already. Your Recruiter will have less of a chance of not blowing you off right off the bat. The more prospects he has the more he'll pick the easy ones first. The more time he has with individual prospects the better your chances of him working with "problem" enlistments.

Like Colin said - Late in the year until a little after New Year would be your next best chance. The Army has been ordered by POTUS to increase its manpower by 28,000 Soldiers. A lot will depend on how many young men & women want to enlist but some times the standards are lowered.

Good luck! Keep us updated.

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About waivers.

I am 37 and I know about the age cut off. My question is, is there still a possibility to get into the Army? I have always wanted to go in but I had children and My Ex-Wife was in at the time. So I received a hard time about going in because there is or was a law about sending both parents over seas. Well that time has passed and I am now trying to see if there is a loop hole that will allow me entry in the Army, if anybody knows anything can you please help or point me in the right direction.
It would be greatly appreciated.

MSG Glenn
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Your best plan of action is to see a Recruiter right away. He'll have all of the latest recruiting policies. With the Army & the Military in general starting its expansion it's hard to say how many recruits they'll need right away. With war looming in the near horizon plus the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan it's hard to say whether the Army will meet its recruiting mission.

This might be the worst possible time to enlist in the Army with any "problems" attached with that enlistment like waivers. Recruiters are or very soon will be very busy with all of the HS & college grads. They have a tendency to take the easiest recruits first but by all means a visit to a Recruiting office should be done regardless.

I went into the Army at age 38 but that was after I had served 6 years in the Navy some years before that. They subtract your prior military service from your age which effectively made me 32 for recruiting purposes. Unfortunately this isn't the case for you.

Please let us know what the Recruiter tells you - good, bad or indifferent. We need to get as much information as possible & maybe we can help you further.

Good luck!