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Alright im 20 years old with a criminal record of Criminal Mischief, Criminal Conspriacy, Disorldy conduct. All M3 im on probation until june 28th 2012. I do not have a GED/High School diploma highest grade i completed was 9th now joining the army is the only thing i want to do and its also the best thing i can do for my life. Now ive been to the recruiters since i was 17 taking the ASVAB and not doing good on it. I cannot take tests its the weakest thing i have my test taking abilitys sucks. I am wondering if i would still be able to join the army and if i can which i think i can is there a program where the Army will send me to get my GED while im still in the army. The only thing i want right now is to join ASAP.

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You should check out our page

You should check out our page about eligibility requirements:

Long story short, it's not looking good. The Army has no GED program, so not only do you need your GED, but also 15 college-level credits (and they don't pay for them, either). Also your criminal record is going to need at least one waiver (possible one for each charge), and right now the Army isn't giving out very many waivers. You are also unable to enlist until ALL of your probation/fines etc. are served.

You can always check with a recruiter in their off-season (around Christmas), but the non-negotiable thing you need to do is get your GED/college credits.

Good luck.

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Admin has the ability... understate things, as diplomatic & kind as he is, lol. I'll call it like it is - you won't be allowed to enlist in the US Army. Maybe the Foreign Legion. You have WAY too much going against you. At the very, very least a Recruiter won't give you the time of day as long as you're on probation.

Short of WW III you're ineligible. Even then I have my doubts.

Contact a Recruiter. I'd like nothing better than to be wrong.

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Alright thank you i just

Alright thank you i just really wanna join. I wanted to join since i was like 17 years old. But since theres no programs for me its going to be very hard for me.

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You can get a good start...

...on cleaning up your life by getting your GED & at least 15 level 100 college credits. You'll have that even if you can't join. Meanwhile you've put some time between your offenses & trying to enlist. At the time you meet the education requirements policy might be different. You'd have your probationary period completed, too. Just stay completely free of any legal problems. This would also make you more desireable to be hired in a civilian job.

I'm pretty sure that at this time you'd be ineligible for enlistment but who knows what the future may bring?