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Say you sign up for the option 40 contract but dont pass ranger training do they knock you down to just infantry/airborne. and can you just sign up for infantry airborne or just option 40?

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1rst...infantry is an M.O.S.

1rst...infantry is an M.O.S. 2nd Airborne and Ranger are schools. Either way, bottom line you are just infantry. Better not to sign a Ranger contract because if you wash out, you will be placed wherever the army deems they need you, as you will be just plain infantry. Not saying you will wash out, but statistically will. You might be better off asking for Ranger School after you get to your unit. That way if you do wash out, you will not be in breach of your contract, and already with the unit of your choice.

MSG Glenn
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...and you probably won't even go to an Airborne unit if you wash out of RASP.

If you want Airborne Infantry you need to get an 11X option 4 contract. That guarantees Airborne School right after Infantry OSUT.