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I'm wondering if there is a minimum score on the physical test other than getting a 50 in each category I want to be in the army infantry and I'm wondering if I need to be more physically fit than i already am or if getting a 50 in each category is fine

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dennisreebII (not verified)

What are the requirements needed to be in the infantry?

MSG Glenn
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RR & Dennis

There are no special requirements fo Infantry. You just have to get the qualifying score of 31 or above on the ASVAB like everyone else joining the Army & your line score for Combat MOSs has to be 90 or above.

Infantry IS highly physical especially Airborne. A score of 50 on the APFT will get you graduated from BCT but you're required to score at least 60 in the Infantry phase of 11X OSUT & for the remainder of your enlistment. That's 60 points each in the 2 mile run plus 2 minutes of push-ups & 2 minutes of sit-ups. I suggest that both of you do MUCH better than that - 300 is the maximum score & I'd try to get as close as I could to achieve that. Start working on your runs, push-ups & sit-ups.

When you see a Recruiter tell him right away that you want Infantry - that's an 11X contract - & if you want to be an Infantry Paratrooper you need to get an 11X Option 4 contract. If you REALLY want to be a Paratrooper you almost have to get that Option 4 contract. That guarantees you Airborne School after Infantry OSUT.

Study for the ASVAB, start running, do tons of push-ups & sit-ups. Your Recruiter will help you on the PT aspect but you should do much of it on your own even before you see one.

RR1345 (not verified)

thanks for the information I already ran 250 miles this summer and do tons of pushups and situps so I'm glad to know there shouldn't be anything holding me back from the army career I want to have

MSG Glenn
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My PT Recommendations

I have a tried & true PT regimen that will insure that you'll be physically fit & able to pass the APFT with flying colors.

Run two miles every other day immediately followed by 2 minutes of push-ups & 2 minutes of sit-ups.

While watching TV do push-ups alternating with sit-ups every time a commercial comes on. Do these daily.

On non-running days do some alternate cardio excercises like long hikes, swimming, rowing, maybe a sport like martial arts (I'm a judo coach & we do lots of cardio excercises. I can't speak for any other club - some do & some don't.) Do a bunch of pull-ups, too. Although they're not a part of the APFT you WILL be doing them at BCT while waiting to go into the messhall & definitely at Airborne School if you go.

Once you can run comfortably for 2 miles & exceed the APFT standard do a 5 - miler once a week.

On the seventh day rest like the Lord did when he created the earth.

Eat sensibly - few "unhealthy" snacks, less fatty foods, less sugar, etc. Five small meals a day is better than three big ones. You still have to feed the machine.

Make sure you drink plenty of water. Energy drinks & drinks like Gatorade aren't necessary & are costly.

By all means have a your Recruiter or any Soldier show you the proper sit-up & push-up form. If not done to standard they won't count.

The above excercises worked well for my son when he was getting ready to enlist. He got an Airborne Ranger contract & had no problems in Infantry OSUT, Airborne School, Ranger Indoc & Ranger School - each progressively harder than the one before it. A young man in our Judo club followed this advice a went into the USMC & eventually went to Scout/Sniper School & Force Recon School without any problems. His training was similar to my son's Ranger training. His dad is also a retired Army Master Sergeamt & former Drill SGT & that was the system he used, too. We both agreed that there are probably a hundred different programs that will work but none cheaper. Tnis system requires no special equipment other than a good pair of running shoes.