I want to join the Army.

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I want to join the Army. I'm a 16 year old female and I'm not sure what opportunities would be open for me. I want a job with fulfillment, I want to be proud of myself and accomplish something great. I'm not sure what branch would be best for me but I'm not too picky. I need suggestions and also help on getting started.

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010

You have a little time to think it over & do your research. The earliest you can join is when you turn 17 but for goodness sake get your H.S. diploma. I don't know what will be the policy in the future but at this time even a GED won't allow you to enlist. 15 college credits are required if you don't have that diploma.

The Army probably offers the best selection of jobs & more opportunities.